Employee Benefits

Employee benefits can be one of the most strategic tools for employers to use for employee attraction and retention.

Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

The health insurance marketplace has changed dramatically since the passing of the Affordable Care Act in March of 2010. Even though group health insurance is one of the top five expenditures for most companies who offer health insurance to their employees, it is also one of the most misunderstood benefits.

Your employees are your greatest asset. A poorly structured employee benefits program can contribute to staff turnover, delay the timely return from illness or injury, and become a financial burden to your company and employees. A well-designed employee benefits plan can help establish your organization as a competitive employer and safeguard the health and welfare of your employees while minimizing the costs for both your company and your employees.

Our associates and staff have the ability to structure group health plans that are based on the needs and goals of our clients while meeting the budgetary constraints demanded in today’s world. Our customized programs provide competitive and responsive benefits for your employees while managing your claims risks and controlling long-term costs.

Worksite Products

Worksite products are designed to provide extra funding during serious illnesses. Many times when a serious accident or illness strikes, employees discover that their health insurance will not cover all the expenses. A cancer policy, accident policy, or critical illness policy will provide funding for expenses not covered by your group health insurance. Many times these policies can be obtained on a guaranteed issue basis or with limited underwriting when purchased in a group setting.

Ancillary Products

Employees today are exposed to more risks due to the ever-changing landscape of the health insurance marketplace. Ancillary products are designed to fill the gaps created by high deductibles and greater employee financial responsibility. Short and long term disability policies provide much needed income during the recovery of an illness or injury. Voluntary life insurance provides for additional funds in case of the premature death of an employee or family member. These products are often offered on a guaranteed issue basis and are a cost effective way to minimize these risks.

Qualified Retirement Plans

Qualified Retirement Plans

Planning for retirement is a concern among many employees today. Along with health insurance, a retirement plan is one of the most important benefits offered. Deciding which plan is right for your business can be complicated. We’ll help you design a plan that works best for you and your employees. We offer 401(k) plans, Safe Harbor 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans, and other plan designs that help you meet your objectives. Through our strategic partner Jack B. Turner & Associates, we can work together to formulate a plan that best fits your company needs.

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