Why You Need Life Insurance at a Young Age

February 24, 2022

Starting a new job right out of college, most young people are not considering things like life insurance, retirement, and any other future planning. After working at Benefits, Inc. for almost four years in service, enrollment, and my current role now, I see so many instances where young individuals have unfortunately passed. Then, their families were left struggling; trying to figure out how to pay expenses that were left behind. When you start a new job, one of the first things you do is sign up for insurance benefits. Most of the time we see people in the age range of 22-30 decline all benefits.

Reasons being below:

  1. The individual is under 26, still on their parents insurance and ignore the fact that life insurance is offered.
  2. The individual doesn’t want anything additional coming out of their check.
  3. The individual claims a parent or spouse already has a benefit on them.

These are reasons to not enroll in life insurance; however, there are many more reasons as to why you should.

Reasons to Enroll in Life Insurance at Young Age:

  1. Being young favors you in many ways when it comes to premium costs
  2. Young individuals most likely have limited savings, but more dependents and liabilities.
  3. Early Bird Advantages- Your health makes your policy more affordable
  4. Ensuring financial certainty for dependents
  5. Leave your family financially stable without compromising their lifestyle
  6. You can lock in great rates
  7. Put protection in place for the future

Next time you go through Open Enrollment, ask our Benefit Counselors about adding additional life insurance, or call our office for a quote and more information. We would love to speak with you!