Preparing for Spring Vacations

March 02, 2022

This time of year everyone is itching to get out of town and go someplace warm. Preparing to go on vacation can sometimes feel like a hassle, especially as spring is beginning. Even though traveling is a wonderful stress reliever, taking time to prepare ahead of time can help make your trip more enjoyable.

Here are some Easy Tips for being Prepared for Spring Travel:

  • Boost your Immune System- Every year, it seems like I am always catching a cold right before I go on my spring vacation. Before heading out on your trip, prepare by taking Vitamin C to boost your immune system. Eating healthy and exercising can also help better prepare your body to fight off germs.
  • Pack for Weather Changes- During your spring vacation, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Pack clothes you can layer!
  • Leave Early- The worst start to a vacation is feeling frantic when trying to reach the airport or get on the road and hitting traffic. Be sure to pack snacks and water to stay hydrated while traveling long distances- you don’t want to have grumpy kids or spouses!
  • Be Familiar with Protocols- Travel restrictions and protocols are still an issue and continue to change daily due to COVID-19. New protocols may include wearing a mask, social distancing, negative COVID-19 tests, etc. Make sure you check ahead of time to know what new rules you are dealing with!

Keep these simple tips in-mind for a FUN, STRESS-FREE vacation!!