Complete Service for YOU

January 31, 2022

Benefits, Inc. offers many services to our clientbase that many other brokerages do not. A lot of times we get questions from clients asking about things like ACA Reporting or billing and claims and those are things that we can do for you! I am going to dive into deeper detail on the services we offer and provide to our clients, and the teams that we have at Benefits, Inc. to help out with those services.


  • Benefit Consultation ~ We build a complete employee benefits package that includes qualified group health insurance, ancillary products, and retirement plans
  • Enrollment Services ~ Customized enrollments per client (group, individual, and/or online enrollment with BenefitsLinc) handled by our team of Benefit Counselors at NO additional expense
  • Account Management ~ Claims assistance, provider assistance, billing support, and termination/COBRA or State Continuation
  • Human Resource and Compliance Consultation ~ Benefits, Inc. will assist you in complying with HR regulations and requirements
  • Customer Service ~ Benefits, Inc. has a staff of Service Team members available from 7AM-5PM Monday through Friday

HR Administration Support Includes :

  • COBRA Admin ~ No charge
  • 1094/1095 Reporting ~ No charge
  • Section 125 ~ No Charge
  • WRAP Document ~ No Charge
  • 5500 Guidance ~ No Charge
  • Required Notices ~ No Charge
  • Section 105/HRA Consultation
  • HRA Administration
  • HSA Consultation

HR Technology ~ We offer a Benefit Administration Platform at NO additional charge called BenefitsLinc. The BenAdmin platform is backed by our dedicated technology team that builds out your plan designs, open enrollment elections, and manages client data.

BenefitsLinc gives client access to: one-stop shop to generate reports, PTO management systems, On Boarding System, Enrollment Platform, Document Holdings, Benefit Monitoring, Payroll Integration, and ACA Reporting.

Employee benefits can be one of the most strategic tools for employers to use for employee attraction and retention. For more information on some of the benefits we help service, check out the SERVICES section on our website or give us a call!