Company Culture

February 16, 2022

Everyone wants to work at a company where the culture is top tier. If the company culture is off, it makes for a struggle all around. We asked some of our Benefits, Inc. employees their favorite thing about working for Benefits, Inc., and the answer we got most was about how much they love the company culture. Benefits, Inc. is separated into teams, and each team becomes a family. When new employees come to work at Benefits, Inc. everyone makes them feel welcome and like they belong instantly.

Most of the time when I talk with friends about work, their number one complaint is the company culture. Benefits, Inc. is unique in that a majority of our employees are friends outside of work. Some of the responses we received about Benefits, Inc.’s company culture are below ~

“I love the growth I have experienced on a business and personal level in the 20 years I have worked here. Also, the awesome leaders and employees I work with.” – Amber Smotherman (Director of Client Services)

” I love the family atmosphere most working at Benefits, Inc.” – Holly Lowe (Client Services Specialist)

“The people are my favorite part of working at Benefits, Inc. Everyone is so nice and helpful to me with all of my questions, I could not ask for better bosses or co-workers.” – Dana Baker (Client Services Specialist)

“I love the people I work beside, my co-workers are so supportive, knowledgeable, and caring.” – Melinda True (Client Services Specialist)

” The incredibly strong women that I work with; I look forward to seeing them everyday.” – Kalli Frey (Client Services Specialist)

“I love working with such driven, outstanding coworkers.” – Hannah Ratliff (Tech Team)

” I love the people and the interaction with the people I work with. The owner’s of Benefits, Inc. deeply care about its employees and the community.” – Beverly Spicer (Benefits Counselor)

” I really enjoy my co-workers, we have a great team!” – Taylor Hutcheson (Benefit Counselor)

“I love the people I work with. This is the first company I’ve worked for who show they genuinely care about their employees.” – Kiana Brogdon (Account Manager)

“I love the atmosphere and enjoy working alongside my co-workers on the enrollment team.” – Jack Story (Retirement Consultant)

“I love the trust, confidence, and support the company gives me and truly enjoy the people I work with.” -Jackson Cary (Benefits Consultant)

These are words from members of each team we have at Benefits, Inc. All positive and loving words about their co-workers, directors, and owners. I truly believe the best way to keep a business growing is to create an environment internally that all of your employees truly enjoy coming to the office each day, and spending time with their co-workers. Benefits, Inc. employees are truly one of a kind!